Saturday, August 16, 2014

Carderock Saturday Circus

An instructor tied this as high as he could reach.

The black webbing in the foreground is clipped with one binder to the climbing rope which drags across 20 ft of rocks and the cliff edge.

Let's start with some shoelace and single strand webbing to rig Beginner's Crack..

throw in a chock and a runner.

This shoelace and webbing are rigging the X Face...

let's add another runner...

then lead Beginner's Crack. To make it interesting dismantle the Beginner's anchor and belay 25 ft. away so the second is looking at hopefully swinging, sort of, after he drops 20 feet or so.

Start by slapping  a sling around the tree and tie the rope to the runner because...

you've only got 200 ft of rope left. Be sure and tie the tree off high enough to rip it out by the roots.

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  1. Only having this one photo, I'm guessing they ran it that high to lessen the ropes contact with the rock. As far as ripping a 10"-15" tree out from the roots, even if it's tied that high... uh, no. I'm guessing they knew leverage wasn't an issue in this case so it was better to avoid some nasty sharpness. Sorry, but from the photo it looks bomber.