Saturday, March 26, 2016

More yard sales.

The tiny stopper and a small TCU are one anchor, fortunately there is a tree anchor.

The only bolts you should clip at Carderock.

Yard sale

The grey webbing is tied to the other anchor with a hedden knot for a non-anchor.

The webbing is clipped into the carabiner that the yellow rope is wrapped around.

When you teach a "high redirect" this is what you get.

A descending ring as part of an anchor.

Using the lose block at left and the tree, he still didn't get over the edge despite all the extra rope.

Just a loop around a shallow block.


  1. In "A descending ring as part of an anchor," what is wrong with using the ring to connect to the webbing? I'm not crazy about the water knot with short tails, girth hitch, and possibly funky short-tailed bowline. The webbing on the rock edges looks funky too. Aside from those issues, what looks like an OP rap ring is simply operating like a carabiner. I use a similar setup when I solo top rope, except that I have a back up anchor and sometimes a second rope for true redundancy.

  2. Not the worst thing you will see. It could be time consuming, and might be a hollow ring, not rated for that use.

    1. I had a chance to check another anchor made with the same stuff, a hollow aluminum ring. Many have a high weight rating but aren't made for multiple uses.