Sunday, April 17, 2016

Must be spring.

It isn't a tensionless anchor, using the carabiner is lazy.

Single carabiner connecting the webbing to the rope.

How many anchors to the same tree are OK? 

The insane flying webbing anchors are becoming a thing. A group was teaching this.


Anchor way off to the side.

Runner and single carabiner.


  1. To be fair, I was shocked by that massive clusterf*ck of anchors as well but the class they were teaching had to do with knots and rescue rigging skills and no one was more than two feet off the ground at any given time. If they had made a proper anchor set up for every student they would have taken over half the walls at the crag. I greatly enjoy your blog but you really should go engage the people you're criticizing and figure out context/help them improve.

  2. How do you engage a group that has "leadership" in the middle of a class?