Saturday, March 25, 2017

Spring follies.

If you use single strand webbing, I guess 2 is a good idea. Just understand they aren't 2 independent anchors if they go to the same tree.

This anchor runs across a busy trail to a tiny tree.

This mess includes a loose block, can in brittle rock, single strand webbing, the list goes on.

An anchor 10 feet up the tree really inn't good for the tree.

More hardware and single strand webbing.

The webbing is around a DEAD tree. The rescue plate allows two bad anchors instead of one.

When should you use prusik knots in an anchor? NEVER. 
Why use the enormous tree when you can use the smaller one? Note the 2 carabiners open in the same direction.

Equalized? Not when one rope is completely slack.

Single strand webbing tied in a bowline that is grinding on the rock every time it is weighted.

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