Saturday, December 13, 2014

The "instructor" said he was working on the side, fortunately only one victim.

All this stuff is sort of connected, a tip rope and a single line rappel.

Old climbing rope to the skinny tree. Two anchor lines to a single runner around some rocks in the center. A small hunk of bedrock girth hitched in the background with a correlate going to another small tree.

Looks like a clove hitch with a botched half a double fisherman's.

The old climbing rope attaches the rappel line on the left to the climbing rope anchors on the right, but not really.


  1. "half a double fisherman's" - It's called a double-overhand or to get really technical, a 'strangle' knot. But thank you for not calling it a fisherman's or single fisherman's as many do. Yes it is half of a double-fisherman's knot, but that's kind of a silly way to describe it..

  2. I agree. Double overhand knot. I've even heard fellow climbing instructors use the term "Half double fisherman's knot." Makes them sound a bit unprofessional.