Saturday, December 27, 2014

Not enough rope, or sense?

Two 7mm cords (one is around the block in the center), why not just buy enough rope?


  1. 7mm cord is plenty strong enough, as long as some care is used to avoid sharp edges and rubbing. There are two anchors so it's redundant, and they're using massive boulders with good knots and lockers.. so what's your problem with this? Sure rope is stronger than cordelette and would be simpler, but if their ropes aren't long enough, this seems perfectly reasonable to me..

    1. Its Knot AMGA standards. You have good, Better, and BEST. This was knot the BEST it could have been done because he did knot bring enough material to begin with!

  2. I tend to agree with Dan. I carry ~100ft of static rope for anchors, but if that's not long enough I can usually extend safely. Also, I often sling the second anchor and equalize with a clove hitch and a knot to close the system. Seems to be common practice, although every anchor's safety is dependent on that particular situation.