Sunday, August 23, 2015

End of summer frenzy

8MM well up the tree trunk, that's two loops around the tree.

Single strand webbing, running over lots of edges.

Single strand webbing, single carabiners, gate down against the rock.

Their guide did a high redirect, so they think it must be good.

Multiple lines, side loading the carabiner.

More 8mm rope.

Climbing rope as an anchor, looped around a tree that is barely hanging on.

Single strand webbing with lots going on.

They had plenty of rope, but added webbing and a single biner.

They added a cam, clearly not happy with their mess of an anchor.

Yes, the orange rope is at a wide angle, weakening the anchor.

There is a cam and a daisy chain girth hitched around a horn.


  1. First TR setup Carderock 8/23. Nothing personal, but glad I didn't make your blog!

  2. Congratulations, it isn't rocket science, but some days it seems like a lost art.