Sunday, September 20, 2015

22 pictures sets a record.

Euro sport climbers, everything is actually climbing gear.

Five feet up the tree, an unnecessary runner and carabiner.

I guess it's a bowline.

Clove hitch on nice new wire gate biners.

A cordalette, single carabiners, and a runner for a third anchor.

"I don't trust my anchors, so I'll sling this knob."

No backup, just inches of tail.

A yard sale of everything they had, but they still couldn't get over the edge.

Another unneeded sling and carabiner

The Euros moved here. The rope label said 200' 9mm static.

Can't stop them. See all the extra rope?

Lots of rope to just tie a knot.

This is not bedrock, just a block.

Looks like he figured out he had enough rope.

Loops of 9/16" webbing coming from the tree on the left and from the right.

Completely side loading the carabiners.

So they added 2 small cams, a runner, and a quickdraw.

One anchor, it is bedrock. The red runner and loop in the rope serve no obvious purpose.

The rope was tensioned to avoid slipping off.

Anchors made from what appears to be a new canyoneering rope.

Tied into a loop with the EDK (Euro Death Knot), most people would leave longer tails.

Girth hitched a bunch.

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