Sunday, September 13, 2015

So many mysteries.

Rope tied into a loop of webbing.

Go figure.

When you don't know a good knot, tie lots of them.

Put the knot right on the edge to maximize your chance of cutting and abrasion.

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  1. Hey John,
    I don't really take issue with the rope being tied to the webbing for its own sake. There is no movement creating friction in that application.
    However, I do take issue with the choice of knot. It is not easily identifiable! Which is contrary to simplicity.
    That seems to be a theme in this craftsman's construction of anchors.

    The last pic of the BHK I don't really take issue with at all so long as the climbing rope runs smoothly through the master point carabiners and those carabiners are not being cross loaded in any way. The BHK tied as shown has 3 loops of material that would need to be compromised before the anchor failed. It just doesn't look like it is going over a Ginsu flake, probability of cutting is certainly low.