Sunday, October 11, 2015

Crowds and follies.

Nobody ties knots anymore.

The knot and biner were probably for clipping in while rigging the anchor.

Lots of biners and runners, this is one tree, the other is connected to the same runner.

Here's the other tree, skinny with a skinny runner and a single carabiner.

Here's the big picture.

Another anchor in the system.

Two slings, one hanging up in the tree.

Who is telling people to clip the ends of anchors?

The knot, carabiners, and climbing rope are all grinding on the rock.

One webbing sling and biner are the anchor.

If the rope is tied why use the runner and carabiner?

Just about everybody is doing it.

Single strand webbing.

Tough day for the tree.

The tiny cam under the loose block is anchoring a camera to record the epic ascent.

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