Saturday, October 31, 2015

Scary anchors.

Anchor 20 feet up.

Use a carabiner instead of a knot.

An overview of the yard sale, dump out the pack, and use it all for anchors.

A runner and biner instead of tying the rope to the tree.

When all else fails, use your daisy chain.

More is better, right?

Single strand webbing, girth hitched around sharp flakes.

Knots grinding on th rock.

Both gates facing the rock.

A dynamic climbing rope used as an anchor, pricey cams with an antique SMC oval.

Run your anchor across the trail!

Another carabiner instead of a knot.


  1. What's so wrong about using carabiners instead of knots if you have enough? Or about using a runner around a tree so that your rope doesn't get scratched up by it?

  2. Adding any element introduces a point of failure, that's never a good idea. Webbing is weaker and less resistant to cutting. Carabiners can be unlocked or gates can be open, not to mention total failure. DMM recently recalled all their locking carabiners. Why increase risk when you can tie a knot?