Sunday, December 13, 2015

72 Degrees and Feverish Behavior.

Ten feet up the tree, not the usual tree, that is the other anchor.

The now familiar webbing-carabiner combination adding unnecessary links to the chain.

The usual anchor 20 feet up a tree.

If you use the same anchor, it isn't redundant. That said, the tree is bomber.

Flying anchor from the tree in the air, the roots aren't in much soil on that ledge.

Second anchor, at least the carabiner isn't on the rock.

The green to red anchor has a single carabiner on a sharp edge.

Another flying anchor, with single carabiners.

The brown webbing isn't doing anything, tiny cams are doing all the work.

Most of the webbing sheaths aren't where the rope contacts the rock.

Lots of cordalettes girth hitched to webbing. The cord can cut through the webbing.

He moved the rope and ran it over the edges.

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  1. Re: the 2nd image, of all the places to pad the edge in Carderock, this is the least important spot imaginable. The placement of their line puts it over one of the smoothest bits of rock around. In any case, they also left their carpet sample behind...