Saturday, December 12, 2015

Beautiful day, ugly anchors

Lots of girth hitches, webbing running over edges.

Worst placement ever on the left, not much better on the right. The block is big but loose, so the cams are levering it up.

Run your anchor across the trail.

Too high on the tree, slings and carabiners, despite lots of rope.

Bowlines with no stopper knots and too short tails.

Webbing when they had lots of rope.

Run your anchor over your friend's.

Scrawny tree, webbing etc.

One loose rock as an anchor.


  1. I saw the cam placements and the rest of this anchor on Saturday and was truly scared. Today 12/13/2015 at Carderock was even more scary. There was a guy that girth hitched at least 4-5 loops of 9mm cord on one anchor and 2-3 loops on another. Then there is the guy with at least 100' of static which he tied to a bomber tree and then used numerous wide angles and cams in sketchy placements. He told me he has been climbing at Carderock for 40 years. I said good luck and went on my way.

  2. I got some of them today, sadly I neglected to bring my phone along while moving my rig, so many escaped.