Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Is this your high priced summer camp?

The webbing is an unnecessary link in the chain, as is the single carabiner. The clove hitch is not a secure knot, so they tied an overhand and stuck a carabiner in. Just tie a real knot.

Yeah, that's the end of the rope sticking out. The knot is a bowline tied with a bight of the rope. The carabiner says the climber doesn't really know this stuff.


  1. Your right, clove hitch is not a "secure knit" but it is a secure knot. I don't think I'd attach my Silent Partner with a clove knit. Best not to rope solo with sharp knitting needles at all.

  2. FYI, EarthTreks is teaching this technique of webbing round the tree and locking biner to clove hitched static line (backed up with stopper knot.) It's illustrated in their Top Rope Systems booklet.

    Yes there are disadvantages to this system over tying the rope around the tree, but the advantage is that it is much easier to equalize the two anchors if you can quickly adjust the clove hitch (after weighting the rope to see which side is slack.) Otherwise you could be there all day tying and untying knots and adjusting the rope wrapped around the tree (which causes more damage to the trees.)

    1. A bowline is every bit as adjustable without retying. Thanks for identifying the source.